The scientists that do not believe in the existence of God say that the man appeared as an evolution of an ape, through mutations and natural selection, having appeared bit by bit apes more and more similar to the human being, until finally the man appeared. 


Well, if it was so, there should be apes very similar to humans, or at least should be found skeletons of such almost human animals. 


However, there are no such animals intermediate between apes and men, and none skeleton of such beings was ever found. 


The genetic pattern of the apes is very different from the genetic pattern of the man, because the man has 46 chromosomes and the gorilla, the chimpanzee and the orangutan have 48 chromosomes and the gibbon has 44 chromosomes. 


In a study made by The Chimp Sequencing and Analysis Consortium, that gathered researchers of the United States, Germany, Israel, Italy and Japan, published by the British weekly scientific newspaper Nature, the scientists said that they deciphered the genetic code of the chimpanzees, and they verified that the chimpanzee has about three billion pairs of genes, and that of those 3 billion pairs of genes, 35 million are different from those found in the DNA of humans. 


Therefore, we see that the genetic code of the chimpanzee is very different from the human being genetic code, because there are 35 million differences between the genetic code of the chimpanzee and the genetic code of the human being. 


The scientists said that the so called "Neanderthal Man" was a being intermediate between the ape and the man. 


However, German and American scientists got to find fragments of DNA of the "Neanderthal Man", and they compared them with the DNA of human beings of the different races, and they verified that the DNA of the "Neanderthal Man" is totally different from that of the human being. 


The conclusion of the researchers is that the so-called "Neanderthal Man" is neither ancestral nor closely related to humans. 


This puts to rest the theory of the evolutionists, and proves that the only possible explanation for the existence of man is that he has been created by God.


Therefore, it is verified that the theory of evolution does not have anything of scientific, since there is nothing that proves it, and in truth it is a legend, a myth, similar to the fairytales. 


The theory of evolution is false and absurd. 


The Genetics proves that the theory of the evolution is false, because if an individual of a sexed species suffer a mutation that transform it in an individual of another species, he will not can reproduce, because there will not be an individual of the opposite sex of the new species, with which it can mate, and the crossbreeding among individuals of different species is infertile. 


The Genetics proves that the descendants are always of the same species that the ascendants, what puts to rest the theory of evolution. 


What is lamentable is that the schools teach a theory not proven and absurd, saying that it is scientific, so deceiving the students. 


In fact, Science shows that it is totally impossible that the man and the animals have appeared through evolution of simpler species, because it was never observed any mutation that made the mutant individual more complex or more organized. 


All the known examples of natural selection happened inside of the same species, inside of the range of alleles that exist in the same species, and in none observed case there was transformation of a species into another species. In all the cases there was just appearance of a different race of the same species. 


The second law of the thermodynamics, that it is scientifically proven, says that all the modifications that happen at random in the nature give origin to less organized beings, what demonstrates that the theory of the evolution is totally false. 


In fact, to believe that the ape turned into man is as absurd as to believe in Santa Claus, or to believe that a prince turned into a toad. 


Unhappily, there are many scientists that act in a scientific way in everything, except in what refers to the subject related to the origins of the universe and of the living beings, because when they deal with these subjects they do not act scientifically, because they stick to the dogma of faith of the atheism, that is the statement that God does not exist, and they create totally absurd and provenly false theories, to try to explain the existence of the things that exist without accepting the existence of God, and they lie shamelessly, when they say that their absurd theories are proven, when in reality these theories are not proven, on the contrary, they are provenly false.  


In reality, these scientists act like this because they do not want to admit that it would be totally impossible the existing things to exist if God did not exist and had not created them, because they do not want to admit that God exists, because they do not want to obey the commandments of God. 


The worst of everything is that these scientists make intellectual terrorism, calling stupid those that do not accept their absurd and provenly false theories, to force the people to accept them and to avoid that the people question them, and they try to impede that the criticisms to their theories be divulged. 


Do not let yourself be deceived by these falsely scientific theories, as for instance the theory of the evolution, and try to know the word of God, reading the Bible, and obey the commandments of God. 


Yahveh bless you.


João Paulo Fernandes Pontes.


Published on December 30, 2003. 

Translated to English on October 1, 2009. 




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